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China Travel - HK vs China: The Mainland Expat's guide to saving big in Hong Kong
By: Charlie Cooper
Hong Kong is Asia's shopping paradise, a seaside port whose history revolves around international trade, and the economic gateway to Mainland. Naturally, this makes Hong Kong the economic gateway to the rest of the world for Mainlanders. Many foreigners come to China expecting it to house their favorite products at half the price (considering the majority are made here), but sadly, my naïve friend, that's not the way it works. So here is a list of products that are cheaper to buy in HK, or sometimes completely unavailable in the Mainland, for you... more >>
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Shanghai Grand Skylight Gardens Hotel
Posted by: pdominguess
  Time: 14-Jan-2014 02:26

.... more >>

Destination: Shanghai
Avg. Score:1.0
Best Western Byronn Hotel
Posted by: wendy23
  Time: 10-Dec-2013 17:18

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Destination: Tianjin
Avg. Score:1.0
Posted by: dominictom
  Time: 17-Sept-2013 17:23

One of my best experience in China... more >>

Destination: Xi'an
Avg. Score:5.0
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Expo 2010 Shanghai… French Concession elegance… shikumen lane house charm… Xintiandi's world-class shopping… Pudong's Shanghai-rise trio: the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center… Bund tours and Huangpu cruises… neon-lit Nanjing Road… romantic Yangzte water towns… Shanghai combines old world elegance and hypermodern excess like nowhere else in China, and Shanghai dining, Shanghai shopping and Shanghai nightlife are all China's best. more >>

Established as a tiny fishing community in the Warring States Period (453-221 BC), Shanghai slowly grew into a regional trade center, taking advantage of its access to the Yangzte River and nearby canals. The city stepped onto the global stage in 1842 when the British established a settlement just outside the walled Old City after defeating the Qing in the First Opium War. Concessions to the French, American, and Japanese soon followed, and Shanghai's economy began to boom as foreign investment ... more >>

Weather-wise, the best times to visit Shanghai are between March and early June and from September to November. Frequent rain interrupts the days from mid-June to early July. July and August bring hot and humid weather, with daily temperatures regularly soaring well above 30°C (86°F). The warm days continue through September, sometimes as late as November, as the nights begin to cool. December through to February is damp and chill, with average temperatures lingering around 0°C (32°F), though it rarely snows or freezes. Spring and fall see a number of blue-sky days, but air pollution in Shanghai can be a problem. It's not as b... more >>

Known more for entertainment than the arts, Shanghai is doing its best to live up to its old reputation as the home of China's liveliest nightlife while also upping the ante in the cultural game. On the latter count, it will be a while before Shanghai catches up with Beijing, but when it comes to nightlife the city by the sea is hard to beat. Bars & clubs Today you can find expats and nouveau riche Chinese alike partying like it's 1929, though the soundtrack is less jazz and more beats spun by globetrotting DJs. Nonetheless, jazz is resurgent, drawing on both h... more >>

Some claim Shanghai ranks among the world's top food cities; others contend that the booming restaurant scene is more flash than substance. Whatever the case, it's a delicious question for which to seek an answer, and the mere fact that such an argument exists is telling. Shanghai residents—Chinese and expat alike—love to talk food as much as they love to eat it. And there's a lot to talk about: the best local street-side Shanghainese xiaolongbao (xiǎolóngbāo, 小笼包) or Xinjiang hand-pulled noodles; where to find the tastiest Cantonese dim sum or fieriest Sichuan dishes; the best American burger joint; the most exquisite new ... more >>

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I need help on my itinerary
Posted by: carolgreen145    Time: 26-Sept-2012 08:54
hi guys... it will be my first time in Beijing! I can't wait actually to see great wall of china, forbidden city, etc. You might have some great suggestions on places to see, food to eat, chinese phrases, etc. Let me know, pls! thanks! more >>
Getting to the Scenic Areas in Chengdu
Posted by: princessboogs    Time: 25-Jan-2010 16:57
Hi, What is the best way to get to the Scenic areas in the North west? (e.g Huanglong) Or has anyone come across or used a good local tour from Chengdu that might organise a trip for me? Actually any info regarding this would be great! :) than... more >>
Hair dressers
Posted by: Smithy    Time: 20-Sept-2012 13:03
 Does anyone know a hairdressers in shanghai who uses the colour brand INOA by L'Oreal.  more >>
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