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The Ancient Chinese Art of Cupping: Before & After Photos
Posted by: lion lady lion lady's Posts
Post time: 6-Aug-2008  10:59

A lot of Western visitors to China are
fascinated by Chinese medicine.

"Cupping" is definitely something to try when you are here. The theory behind cupping is that is that a vacuum suction effect over the skin purportedly is said to draw toxins from the underlying muscles. 

Most typical massage places offer cupping. It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and costs anywhere between 30 RMB to 70 RMB.

The circular marks on your back will be more bright and distinct depending on the toxins in your body. For example, if you are feeling sick and you go for cupping, the marks will be more purple because you have more toxins in your body that need to come out.
Whereas if
someone gets cupping who is
healthy, the marks will not be very bright.

While it
looks terribly painful, actually the color is created from the suction and it really
doesn't hurt at all. The marks generally last 4 days or so.

Photos from TravelPod.

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Post by: Westy  Time: 6-Aug-2008  11:54
what is the chinese name for "cupping"? how do you ask for "cupping" in a massage place...? "wo xiang _____"?
Post by: Cheers  Time: 7-Aug-2008  9:25
It's called "ba huo guan."
Post by: Red_Ekuliz  Time: 7-Aug-2008  11:12
Here's a little historical cupping trivia for you. "Cupping" used to be called "horn therapy." Before the advent of glass suction cups, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners would use animal horns in lieu of the cups we have today.

For an added twist, you can try a little moxibustion with your cupping. It's a treatment similar to acupuncture in which Artemis vulgaris leaves (a.k.a. moxa or mugwort) are burned on an acupuncture needle or directly on a point of the body. Apparently it has an analgesic effect. Haven't tried it myself, I'd rather be the burner than the burnee....
Post by: travelbabe  Time: 7-Aug-2008  13:04
I also had the experience of Bahuoguan. One day of last summer, i got up with a stiff neck and one of my teacher advises me to to the hospital to have some Chinese madical treatment. I followed his advice and go to the hospital. The doctor give me some acupuncture and cupping. I didn't feel hurt but some kind of comfort. I fully recovered at the next night. If i let the stiff neck be,and don't have any treatment, my teacher said that it would take me a few day to recover.
Post by: jes  Time: 9-Oct-2008  4:46
in chinese it is called Ba Huo Gwun
Post by: newbiedoob ...  Time: 9-Oct-2008  9:40
Is it hurting? I am always like try new massage style and would like have "Ba Huo Gwun" too. I am also very wanting acupunctures, but am nervous about the clean needles.
Can some make advices for clean places for this things?