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Shanghai Call Center: Best English-Speaking Help Service
Posted by: Hot Pot Hot Pot's Posts
Post time: 6-Nov-2008  10:49

Ok, here is a tip, for anyone visiting Shanghai, there is one number you need to save in your phone.  962288

Shanghai Call Center is a free service provided by the Chinese government to help English speakers living and working in China.

What is it good for? Pretty much everything.

If you need directions to a hotel, restaurant, shop or if you need to tell your taxi directions but you can't speak Mandarin, you can pass the phone over and they will speak to your driver.

If you need a service close to your hotel or flat: for example, the closest police station of dentist, hospital etc, to your intersection, they will look it up for you.

I even called them one night when my electricty had gone out in a storm and need to get an eletrician to do a night call to my house. I  was amazed, they found me a number.

They can even tell you how long it will take to walk from one place to the other, or approximately how long a metro ride is from one place to another (very helpful for preparing for business meetings).

This is a wonderful free service, so use it. Makes life so much easier.


Post by: travelbabe  Time: 6-Nov-2008  11:50
cool,this is wonderful.last month when my friend suey came over to Shanghai, she also get a lot of help from Yoyoor live English Assistance center.Yoyoor is a leading smart phone rental agency to foreign travelers in China.My friend got a phone from Yoyoor and she can alway call Yoyoor center for free though her yoyoor phone.She said yoyoor really help a lot.
Here is yoyoor:
Post by: jalicia18  Time: 27-Oct-2010  13:26
<a href="">Inbound Call Center Services</a> (Shanghai Call Center) aims to offer assistance to those in need. Operators are ready to assist in English whether you require information on culture and entertainment, medical or business assistance, advice or information about education, visa permits, employment difficulties, the transit system or more.
Post by: Aimee Groo ...  Time: 28-Oct-2010  10:40
I haven't come across tyfinc before but I will sing the praises of 962288.

The operators there are incredibly patient and helpful, even with the most random of questions. This number should definitely be in your phone whether you just are visiting Shanghai or a long term resident.