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Is it unsafe to drink the milk in China?
Posted by: Dunny Money Dunny Money's Posts
Post time: 6-Oct-2008  17:05

Ok, what's the deal? Is it ok to drink milk in China these days or would you recommend drinking soy milk? Is the contaminated milk only trouble for babies and kids or is it also unsafe for adults?

Please enlighten me, I'm traveling at the moment so haven't really been following the news to find out what the real deal is. All I've been hearing is "the milk in China is bad, DON'T drink it", from my mom.

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Post by: jen  Time: 7-Oct-2008  13:51
There is reasonable concern about any milk product in China being safe these days, however, the powdered baby formula (in my understanding) was the main culprit. Apparently the melemin in the baby formula was causing kidney stones in babies. Adult kidneys are apparently strong enough to process the melemin without having kidney stones, but babies are not so lucky. Everyone seems to continue to drink the milk, albeit, cautiously.
Post by: newbiedoob ...  Time: 7-Oct-2008  14:17
I will not drink it Chinese milk and think it is bad idea for everyone. You can not cry the wolf if you are becoming sick. Kidney stone is no fun, I already had it and pain is worst ever.
Post by: jen  Time: 7-Oct-2008  14:44
Hmmm, if only I knew how to spell melamine....
Post by: qbert99  Time: 8-Oct-2008  17:23
Not just the milk, kid! Now the malamine warnings have spread to things like Ritz and Lipton products (story from Shanghaiist here:

Soooo messed up! Snickers bars even. Rule of thumb: If it might have any kind of dairy in it and it's not imported, probably might as well steer clear.

Post by: Lars_Dicht  Time: 9-Oct-2008  13:45
Even though there is less health risk to adults, continued melamine exposure over an extended period of time is definitely not good. The U.S. FDA recommends avoiding all of the following:

Milk-derived ingredients include whole milk powder, non-fat milk powder, whey powder, lactose powder, and casein.

The Center for Disease Control also offers the following advice:

# Because of uncertainties related to dairy products in China at this time, CDC recommends that you do not consume any dairy products produced in China, including:

* All brands of infant formula
* Milk or other drinks that contain milk products
* Food, such as yogurt or ice cream that could be milk-based or contain a large amount of milk or milk products.
* Please note that many foods and drinks contain milk products, such as candies, crackers, and desserts. Look for these ingredients on the food or drink label:
o milk
o milk powder
o whey
o lactose
o casein

# It is important to note that dairy products produced in the United States and imported into China for sale are not affected.

# If you are traveling to China and are planning to bring your infant or child, please carry any needed formula or other milk products with you. Do not use any milk products produced in China.

# If you are pregnant and have already ingested some of these listed products or you are breastfeeding while ingesting the listed products, discontinue their use. Effects on the unborn child are unknown. Melamine only stays in the body for a few days. The effects on the kidneys of the formula-fed infants in China are thought to result from continuous use of the products over many days.

# See a doctor right away if you have any of the following symptoms or think that an infant may have any of these symptoms

* stomach pain
* vomiting
* fever
* irritability or excessive crying in infants or children
* blood, crystals, or particles in urine
* painful urination
* little or no urine
* swelling of hands, feet, or face

Be safe, avoid all milk products for the time being, use soy products instead.
Post by: Top_of_the ...  Time: 13-Oct-2008  11:12
I think adults have much less to worry about than children do, so if you aren't a child or haven't any children, there is much less to worry about. Also, the news today says that the milk powder is testing negative for melamine, so they seemed to have cleaned up their new product. It'll probably take a little while to find every single contaminated product and get it off the shelves, but I think its safe to say now that the worst is behind us.