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Hungry Dan's Dish of the Day: Yuxiang Rou Si
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Post time: 22-May-2009  17:35

Yuxiang Rou Si
(pronounced you-shyang row sih) is one of the most popular dishes in China, and consist of pork strips, onions, carrots (occasionally), mushrooms and bits of red pepper, all sauteed in an oyster sauce.

With a name that quite literally means "fish tasting meat strips," Yuxiang Rou Si is available at most Chinese restaurants, and is widely consumed by the Chinese. Occasionally served with pancakes (in which to wrap said dish), Yuxiang Rou Si has a similar consistency to what Americans would refer to as MooShu, although the taste is more fishy.

This is definitely a dish to try during your time in China. While it may not be the most popular among foreigners, the Chinese love their Yuxiang Rou Si, and if you're looking for the complete Chinese experience, this dish is a must try.

"Always hungry, never full . . . "

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