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Hungry Dan's Dish of the Day: Guobao Rou
Posted by: dannyrogue dannyrogue's Posts
Post time: 8-Jun-2009  16:12

Guobao Rou
(pronounced gwoh-bow row), a specialty from the Dongbei (northeast) culinary tradition, is a delicious dish of deep-fried, fatty pork fillet, smothered in a sweet glaze.

While definitely not the most healthy selection, Guobao Rou is an excellent, sweet and tasty addition to an otherwise salty, spicy and garlic-laden meal.

The only nutritional value of note are the onion, carrot and cucumber shreds that are sprinkled around the dish, although these veggies are really nothing more than glorified garnishes.

This dish is definitely not for the health-conscious, but then again, healthy living is completely over-rated, so order some Guobao Rou and enjoy the sizzling pork as it melts on your tongue.

"Always hungry, never full . . ."

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