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Can I take my RMB out of China?
Posted by: TravelBud TravelBud's Posts
Post time: 2-Sept-2009  17:30

Got to head back to Israel soon, does anyone know if I can change my RMB in Tel Aviv airport (Ben Gurion Int'l) or if I have to change money here. I doesn't look possible to change the RMB to foreign currency without my old receipts, that's a big head ache. I don't know how to check if RMB can be changed abroad or home much you can take away (if any). It's pretty important problem so if anyone can help I'd really like that. Thank you!


Post by: MrPaul  Time: 10-Sept-2009  9:45
How much RMB do you have? There's sure to be a currency exchange in BGI and they can change the RMB for you, the only question is whether you've got more than 10,000, the proscribed maximum amount you're supposed to have in hand. But even that, I doubt they'll check, split it up between your check-in luggage and your secret travel money pouch/belt thing...

Alternatively, there are black market money changers that offer a totally reasonable rate, many of them hang out in Bank of China branches. Not every single one of course, but a few of the bigger branches. I'm not sure what city you're in, but if you let me know I might be able to hook you up. Cheers!
Post by: PollyPaul  Time: 18-Sept-2009  10:38
There's Western Union in China too, you might want to ask them how they do it... The banks will change your money too now, but you're supposed to bring your tax forms and pay slips and stuff and the processing fees could be a little cheaper.