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A Short Trip to Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou and Shanghai
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Cristina W was born and raised in Macau. She can't imagine what life would be like without travel: "Traveling is one of my favorite thing to do in life. Everything is new, and it lights up every moment in life! Here is a place where you can find which places of the world I've been to and maybe those places are places that you want to visit as well!" When she is not on the road, Cristina enjoys photography, art and graphic design.


West Lake in Hangzhou
Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province in east China. With its famous natural beauty and cultural heritages, Hangzhou is well known as one of China's most important tourist venues.

"Above is heaven, below is Hangzhou." is a famous Chinese saying that describes this beautiful place.

Relazing in West LakeThis is the famous "West Lake" in Hangzhou. It is known to visitors for its scenic beauty as well as the moving legend which is said to have taken place there.

"Ripping water shimmering on sunny day,

Misty mountains shrouded the rain;
Plain or gaily decked out like Xizi;
West Lake is always alluring."
Red Carp Pond
These are the words composed by the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo (960-1127) when he compared the West Lake to Xi Zi, the most beautiful woman in ancient China. These poetic sentiments leave one in no doubt of the glory of the scenery that inspired them.

The Red Carp Pond in the heart of Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor Park and it is one of the ten places of interests around West Lake. Countless carps live and play in Red Carp Pond, fascinating thousands of tourists each year. It is located in the west of South Su Causeway, Flower Harbor Park. Dates back to South Song Dynasty, it was a private garden near the Flower Hill, hence the name Flower Harbor. In the year 1699 Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty visited West Lake and wrote "Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor," which was later inscribed on a stone standing near the fish pond.

On the second day of the journey, in the morning we went to the Dragon Well Tea House to taste the world famous green tea. Dragon Well Tea is favored by both local residents and foreigners because of its four unique wonders - emerald green color, aromatic flavor, sweet taste and beautiful appearance. If you wish for a healthy life, it is recommended to drink Dragon Well Tea everyday, because of its nutritional value and it has extraordinary effect on people's health.


In the afternoon, we went to Wuzhen which is known as "the Lifeblood of Heavenly Cities".About 80 kilometers from Hangzhou, Wuzhen is one of many small towns where people still rely on the river network.

Traditional Food in WuzhenIn Chinese, "wu" means crow or dark, and "zhen" means a small town. Wuzhen displays its two-thousand-year history in its ancient stone bridges floating on mild water, its stone pathways between the mottled walls and its delicate wood carvings. Also, setting it apart from other towns, it gives a unique experience through its profound cultural background.

Crossing the bridge, WuzhenIt is said that people have lived in Wuzhen for 7,000 years and over time it has produced a galaxy of talents. Mao Dun, an outstanding modern Chinese writer, was born here, and his masterpiece, 'The Lin's Shop', describes vividly the life of Wuzhen. In 1991, Wuzhen was authorized as the Provincial Ancient Town of History and Culture, so ranking first among the six ancient towns south of the Yangtze River.
Dusk in Wuzhen
The third day of the journey, we left Hangzhou and headed east to Suzhou and Shanghai.


Suzhou is located in the south of Jiangsu province, some 50 miles west of Shanghai, along the old Grand Canal. The city has been famous for its gardens for many centuries. According to a Chinese proverb says: "In heaven there is paradise. On earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou." Suzhou has also long been noted for its beautiful women. The city is dotted with lakes and ponds connected by a spider's web of canals. And all the canals are lined with whitewashed houses with gray-tiled roofs.

Shanghai Nanjing RoadShanghai

It is the largest city in China in terms of population and one of the largest urban areas in the world. I found it too busy and I don't like it very much in terms of its busiest lifestyle. The day we visited Shanghai was raining. We could not stay in outside too long. We went to the Bund and the Nanjing Road.

Nanjing Road gave me an impression of a "shopping paradise". People were all busy at Nanjing Road with many strolling along the busy street looking for bargain sales. Different architectural styles from old China to modern influences in the buildings. It is a must-see metropolitan destination if you are in Shanghai!


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